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A local story of 3 young entrepreneurs who are putting their best shoes forward and growing their business in stride. Great to see local support from organizations like ‪INJAZ‬

More than just part-time: It all fits well for the female trio

It really did fit well for three females whose unique problems with the Pakistani shoe market gave them the idea of launching their own collection of designs. The three entrepreneurs, in their last year of undergraduate in 2011, launched 3 Footwear to gain entry into this market

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Don't head into the New year until you've sorted out all loose ends. To make room for the new, we've got to let go of some of the old we don't need to hold on to.

5 Essential Lists to Make Before the End of This Year

Time flies doesn't it? Hard to believe it's December already. It's a nostalgic mixed bag for many -- a roller coaster of highs and lows. Some succeeded in work, others struck-out, some hearts fluttered, others broke. Families joyfully said hello to little additions, and tearfully bid farewell to loved ones passing.

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