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When that (business) relationship isn't working, here's how to peacefully let go.

15 Tips to Peacefully Break Up With Your Business Partner

What's one tip for ending a business partnership gracefully? The following answers are provided by the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), an invite-only nonprofit organization comprised of the world's most promising young entrepreneurs. The YEC recently published #FixYoungAmerica: How to Rebuild Our Economy and Put...

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When partnering in business, there are some points that cannot be ignored!

Avoid These 7 Partnership Killers

From powerhouse financiers to retailers to IT pioneers, business partnerships have been an important part of entrepreneurship and startup success. The reasons are simple: complementary skill sets, shared expenses, and the idea that one person with "hard" money capital can create synergy with the intellectual...

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The pros and cons of hiring your spouse to work for you. Yes, Ladies, this too is a scenario!

Pros And Cons of Hiring Your Husband To Work In Your Business

While divorce is perhaps most appropriately a private matter, some couples do make very public headlines when they split, and for those of us in the business of helping people through divorce, these newsmakers often provide useful cautionary tales. Take, for example, the case of Harold and Sue Ann Hamm of Oklahoma.

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Thinking of starting a business with your spouse? Here's how to...

How To Run A Business With Your Wife

Think you’re “married to your work?” Try starting a business with your spouse. For couples that do brave this dangerous territory, working too much is one of the many challenges they will face. The stresses of running a company together can shake the foundations of even the strongest unions. Get it right,...

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Working with your spouse? Here's how to make it easy!

5 Secrets To Working With Your Spouse

Whether the idea of working with your spouse thrills or terrifies you, you’re on the right track. Creating and building together is one of the greatest joys in a relationship, but it can also be wildly damaging to your bond and your bank account if you don’t have a good strategy for managing your dual roles in...

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It takes some special qualities to excel at ‪Entrepreneurship‬!

7 Habits of Remarkably Successful Startup Entrepreneurs

On the surface, successful entrepreneurs seem to be the same as everyone else. But look closely and you'll see that in a few ways they are very, very different--and so is how they start and run their businesses. A detailed plan is great, but stuff happens, and most entrepreneurs don't make it past the first three...

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An insightful piece on how to tap into the investor community.

8 Insights for Attracting Angel Investors

Most entrepreneurs have found by now one or more of the many popular crowdfunding sites, and have the name and contact information for at least one of the big venture capital firms. But many have no insight or connections to the ethereal angel investment community, which actually funds more startups then all other...

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Its important to know your partner beforehand!

The Master List: Questions to Ask Potential Co-Founders

We often get asked what co-founders should look for in a potential partner or what questions to ask each other. Well, we now have an answer. We combined our knowledge, along with insight from our community, to create a master list of questions to ask potential co-founders (or rather to make sure you cover).

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