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Kashmir making a difference!

Seven influential kashmiri women you must know

Some inspirational women who we think you should know about!

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Dr Saima Rashid makes us proud

Pakistani woman scientist attends Nobel Laureate Meeting in Germany

Dr Saima Rasheed was one of the 600 selected young researchers from up to 80 countries of the world to meet and spend time with 37 Nobel laureates

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14 Pakistani women we can be proud off!

14 Pakistani women who help us hold our heads up high

We often hear of and talk about all the women around the world doing amazing things and thought we would share 14 Pakistani women who help us hold our heads high

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Best money manager in Pakistan still doesn't get respect!

Pakistan's most amazing money manager gets no respect

Maheen Rahman, probably the best money manager in Pakistan, is head of Alfalah GHP Investment Management Ltd, overseeing the equivalent of $180 million. It's not important to note that she is still asked why she doesn't design clothes in a male dominated industry, but the fact that those who bet on her made 443% in...

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Its time to look in the mirror & pat yourself on the back

Top 10 ways to celebrate yourself

Through the daily routine of life we tend to forget lauding or patting ourselves on the back, perhaps we feel its egoistical perhaps we feel its self promotion but we all need it. We must ‪‎return to me‬ by smiling at our own reflection in the mirror and saying " i love you for what you are"

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Why should you celebrate yourself as a woman?

5 reasons to fall head over heels

You're a do-er, and achiever, a hard worker, someone people can rely on, someone who has lived a full life. But have you ever stopped to pat yourself on the back? ‪‎Return to me‬ by stopping to acknowledge your achievements and how you've evolved and grown into someone you are proud of. It's time to celebrate...

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This month is all about relationships, how about the one your customers have with you?

10 ways to make customers fall in love with your business

Nurturing relationships with your customers is a crucial part of growing a successful business. In this age of automation and innovation, caring for your customers has never been more important.

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