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The 10 commandments for startups & entrepenuers

10 Productivity Hacks for Startups and Entrepreneurs

Face it everyone needs some shortcuts when they open a business up. This article will put you on your way to getting them sorted with a quick read.

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Heres an article that might inspire you to never look down or back

Umaimah Mendhro: small town roots to global e-commerce revolution

I love that I can build something never been built before. I love that there’s no rulebook. I love getting to work with the insanely talented and committed people I work with—in our extended network of designers, suppliers, vendors, and team members. I love making the airplane while being in mid-air!

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Take a hard look at yourself before you start on this path

Why You Must Really Know Yourself Before Starting a Business

Everyone wants to start a business for themselves. Here is an article that gives you input on checking whether you are ready for it

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